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TV fights against anti-Indecency zealots

From today’s news (bold is mine):

A coalition of more than 20 broadcasters, artists’ groups and media organizations filed a petition on Monday asking the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider a profanity ruling that is part of what some commentators have called a new sexual McCarthyism.

The petition, signed by broadcast network owners Viacom Inc. and Fox Entertainment Group as well as the Screen Actors’ Guild and other groups, charges the FCC has expanded its authority beyond constitutional limits and that broadcasters are being coerced into self-censorship.

“The FCC is not applying contemporary community standards (to potentially indecent material), they are trying to change them,” Robert Corn-Revere, the lawyer representing the group, told Reuters.

Absolutely, 100% correct.

Every – and I mean EVERY – Radio group should join this effort.

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