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Triton Media’s Mike Agovino on the future of Radio’s business

"If we’re not making more money OFF the air than we are ON the air 10 years from now, we’re in trouble."

So says Triton Media President Mike Agovino. and he should know.

Should you be hiring a technology expert to spearhead your digital efforts? Or digital sales leadership? Mike has the answer, and it’s absolutely the correct one.

Agovino is the former President of Katz Radio Group, COO of Clear Channel Radio Sales, and co-COO of Interep National Radio. Today he runs Triton Media, a company which facilitates the digital revolution for Radio through its partners and clients.

This is an important interview, folks, and you should hear it. Not because of what Agovino is selling per se but because of his absolutely correct perspective on what the future holds for Radio and how to navigate our way to success as our competition and clients dramatically change.

Our industry is in the midst of transformation, and it is going to happen very, very quickly. Agovino walks through the steps you and your group should take NOW to surf these changes rather than getting swallowed up by them.

"We're doing things the same way we did 20 years ago – the skill-sets of our sales staffs need to change," says Agovino.

Listen, learn, and act.

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