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Triton buys Dial Global – and why it matters to you

Just yesterday I complained that stations can’t find the dollars to invest in their future.

Today I get to report on a way you don’t have to.

Triton Media Group has purchased Dial Global. Here’s the announcement:

The combination of Triton’s digital product suite with Excelsior’s Dial Global and MJI Interactive divisions will form one of the largest network radio and digital media advertising platforms in the United States, providing world-class digital products, network radio programming and services to existing and future broadcasters, advertisers and producer clients.

What this means, in plain English, is that the radio industry now has its first broad-based digital advertising platform linking – for the first time ever – content with stations with advertisers. And – just as important – it’s now available on a barter basis and it’s available nationwide.

The news release continues:

“Our company offers transformational services to the industry,” commented Agovino. “Stations that utilize the combined Triton suite (known as [eco]) benefit from increased audience engagement across multiple distribution channels, while dramatically growing their online metrics. Moving forward, we will offer the [eco] applications via a barter model that enables broadcasters of all sizes to participate as we help lead the industry’s reinvention.”

If you missed the interview I did with Triton’s Mike Agovino, you can hear it here (click the post title if you don’t see the player):

Mike’s not overstating the truth. This is one step on the path to beginning radio’s reinvention.

And, I’m told, there are more big announcements to come (including one involving a very large radio group). Stay tuned.

As Mike memorably told me: “If we’re not making more money OFF the air than we are ON the air 10 years from now, we’re in trouble.”

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