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Too Much Web Clutter: Hara hachi bu

How much “stuff” should you place on your radio station’s home page?

And by “stuff,” I’m being kind.

Well, let’s see….

If you’re, there are about 14 links on the home page.

If you’re KROQ, there are about 25.

If you’re Virgin Radio, there are about 60.

And if you’re Z100, there are about 150, including drop-down links.


That’s right: There are 150 things to click on on Z100’s front page.

I don’t know at what point value becomes clutter, but something tells me it’s well before your link count gets to 150.

In a world where Google’s main page has 17 links, what does it suggest when we have 150?

According to Presentation Zen, the Japanese have a great expression concerning healthy eating habits: Hara hachi bu, or “Eat until 80% full.”

Before you craft a web page designed to overwhelm and turn off your audience, before you suggest to listeners that when they visit your site it’s unlikely that they’ll actually find whatever they’re looking for, post this note over your webmaster’s PC:

“Hara hachi bu.”

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