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“There’s no sex in them anymore”

Picture a bright July morning in 1997. Apple Computer is going straight into the toilet, and Steve Jobs has just returned (temporarily?) to the CEO’s chair.

Apple’s top staff were summoned to an early morning meeting at company HQ, reports the new book Inside Steve’s Brain.

“[Steve] plunked himself into a chair and slowly started to spin. ‘Tell me what’s wrong with this place,’ he said. Before anyone could reply, he burst out: “It’s the products. The products SUCK! There’s no sex in them anymore.'”

“There’s no sex in them anymore.”

What Jobs was really saying, of course, is that Apple’s products weren’t sexy, they weren’t desirable, let alone “insanely great.” They neither contained nor evoked passion. There was no “wow” there.

Jobs and his team fixed that problem, of course. And hundreds of millions of Macs and iPods later, sexy still sells.

What do you think Steve Jobs would say about Radio today?

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