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There is no such thing as “Attitude”

I just got a direct mail piece from

It’s a pitch for the new Hard Rock Condo complex – complete with “4-Diamond Service,” Nobu Restaurant, “Unplugged Spa,” Skybar, rooftop pool, top-drawer location, etc., etc., etc.

There are lots of downtown condo buildings that are luxurious. Lots that have spas. Lots with pools. Lots with restaurants. Lots in a great location.

But there’s only one with a rock and roll attitude.

As the mail piece says, “sell out crowd now forming.”

Shift gears to radio:

When I hear PD’s talk about “attitude,” what they’re usually talking about is a style of production which is bratty, snarky, irreverent, aggressive, and ultimately superficial.

There is no such thing as “attitude,” folks. There’s only such a thing as an attitude ABOUT something.

Hard Rock illustrates an attitude ABOUT how what a condo complex should be, Hard Rock style. Take a tour throught the condo’s website and you’ll see what I mean. THAT, my friends, is Hard Rock’s version of the Rock and Roll “attitude.” It is, fundamentally, about substance first, style second.

Think about that next time you produce an “attitude” promo which is, most likely, completely free of any substance whatsoever.

You’re not building the coolest new condo complex in San Diego, you’re taking a page from The Simpsons and building an “escalator to nowhere.”

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