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The Top 10 Twitter Must-Follows for Radio

A while back I asked you to nominate the must-follow Twitter feeds for radio broadcasters.

You provided a slew of ideas, thanks!

A "must-follow" for me is one which can help broadcasters professionally, whether or not it's about radio specifically.  I excluded any which protect their updates or which focus more on what's for lunch than what's for you.

Modesty and probably some good sense precludes me from including my own Twitter feed in this list, although I encourage you to follow me anyway because I do focus on topics of value to you with a few clever barbs tossed in for good measure (I save the movie reviews for the Facebook page, you'll be happy to know).

So now, on to my highly arbitrary but hopefully valuable list of the top ten Twitter feeds.  Congratulations to one and all, and thanks to all those nominated.

Props to the heroes on the front lines connecting our content and our clients in the midst of a deep recession.  Daily Sales Tips may provide that one great idea which makes all the difference.

Everybody needs to keep up with the headlines, especially those of us in the news business.  Breaking News has a wider news funnel compared to the CNN option, which seems more interested in competing with Ashton Kutcher.

Radio industry headlines from a non-corporate perspective.  Unafraid of the rumor mill.

7.  @biafn

Early radar on radio's financial headlines from BIA.

One of my favorite Twitter feeds from one of my favorite blogs.  Focused on satellite radio and its competitors.

Great source of Radio biz headlines.

Everything you need to know from the Internet Radio perspective from Kurt Hanson's RAIN.

Mashable has its finger on the pulse of social media, with special emphasis on new tools and best practices.

Whether our industry knows it or not, radio is media and media is social media.  It's all one big industry. And Social Media 411 is all over it.

And the #1 must-follow Twitter feed for radio broadcasters is….

With more than 900,000 followers and counting, Ryan and his team have perfected the art of Twitter for Talent.  Whether it's an insider perspective on radio or Idol, backstage photos and tidbits, or teases about what's upcoming, Ryan et. al. do a great job of connecting with their fans.

This list is obviously only one take on the question of top ten.  You're welcome to build your own.

In the meantime, these are ten worth checking out.

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