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The secret word is “Standard”

From Radio Ink:

Subaru To Offer Sirius Satellite Radio Sirius Satellite Radio and Subaru of America have announced that Subaru will begin offering Sirius as an exclusive port and dealer installed option this year in some 2007 model year vehicles. Subaru will also offer Sirius as a standard feature in the 2007 Outback Sport Special Edition.

The key words you should note are these: “Option” and “Standard.”

The former is a no-win, except to the extent it keeps the competition from providing a like option. The latter means it’s a no-brainer for the car owner, and anything that’s a no-brainer will slip through their consciousness like a hot knife through butter. Of course, having an introductory deal doesn’t mean you’ll stick with it, but such a deal makes possible the most important scenario of all: Trial.

Switch gears to HD radio….

The best way to get penetration for HD radio will be to provide it for free. This will enable the “trial” so important to acceptance. “Free” means it doesn’t cost “extra” and it isn’t an “option.” It’s “standard.”

If you don’t do this, expect some very slow going.

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