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The REAL Threat to Radio and what to do about it


Last year, 29 percent of North American households connected to the Net via broadband. This number will be 62 percent by 2010,

That’s many years before HD Radio is likely to be common, even by iBiquity’s predictions.

What do you think this means for the media we’re likely to use to listen to music? When high-speed wireless Internet access is more common than a new-fangled Radio?

Every so often somebody asks me…so what should we DO about all this?

Regular readers know my answer, but I’ll repeat it for the newbies:

1. Focus on content. Focus on unique content. Focus on content that cannot be copied by competitors, regardless of media. Focus on entertaining content. Focus on “Talk” content. Focus on talent. Think of Radio more like the TV industry thinks of TV. Talent and programs. That’s where it’s at.

2. As an industry, invest wisely. HD Radio is, in my opinion, a farce (despite their full page of faux headlines advertising in today’s Inside Radio). Invest in new technologies that extend our brands ACROSS media. Do not put all your eggs in the “Radio” basket. Why, for example, do Infinity and Clear Channel lack online music stores? Why do you never hear about Radio companies buying existing dot-com success stories?

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