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The “Radio Noir” comic book is coming to a mailbox near you

Just about everything I believe about marketing can be summed up in the pages of this direct mail piece.

It’s actually a marketing piece for my research company. And if you can see where the entertainment ends and the marketing begins, you win the prize. Because the two are one and the same. To do otherwise would be interruptive rather than inviting and engaging.

For me to paste lame-ass claims like “#1 in Radio Research” or “the Best Radio Research” or whatever other stupid, boastful nonsense you’ve become accustomed to after years of stupid, boastful research company claims…well, that would be beneath both me and you.

What’s the message? If you have to ask I don’t want to work for you.

It’s a direct mail piece that’s a comic book. Or is it a comic book that’s a direct mail piece? Or is it an illustration of marketing philosophy and how it can and should be applied to your brand?

I’ll let you decide.

Download a full-size version of the comic if you want to see what’s in your neighbor’s mailbox.

And bonus points go to you if you can spot the many radio and cinematic references, including an “Easter Egg” or two.

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