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The Problem with Vid Cameras in a Radio Studio

Let me first say that I positively, absolutely think radio should have many more video elements to their digital strategies, including live-streaming video.

However, nothing is less compelling than the average wide shot of an air talent doing his or her thing, surrounded by a console, with a lame banner draped behind them.

And sadly, that description fits almost all the radio shows that have live-streaming versions.

Watch live streaming video from KREF at

When broadcast news transitioned from radio to TV, one of the first things broadcasters figured out is that what it takes for people to watch is different from what it takes for them to listen.

When you put a camera in a studio you are officially in the TV business, whether you want to be or not.

And that means you should create elements worth viewing.

It also means you should strip away as much of the unsightly radio technology as possible – just like the TV guys don't show you their control room.

If, in fact, you do more of a TV show on the radio you accomplish several goals:

1.  You differentiate from your competitor who isn't bothering to do this

2.  You are able to tease elements that need to be seen to be appreciated, thus boosting viewership

3.  You are able to tap into a new revenue source, not to mention the revenue potential from product placement

4.  You are not diminishing in any way the listening experience.  You are simply adding a new way to experience a richer version of the show.

If you know of stations doing all of the above, post their links in the comments.  Let's see some good examples of stations doing live video the way live video needs to be done.

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