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The Price of “Free”

Perhaps you’ve heard about the deal whereby AMC theaters offered a money-back guarantee if you see Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man and don’t like it?

Well, according to, few took them up on the offer. All told, AMC made refunds to about 100 people. Now that could imply that the promotion was a huge success because everybody loved the movie (which really is great, by the way). Unfortunately, it made barely a dent in the steady box office decline.

So what can Radio learn from this?

We learn that “free” is not an attraction unless you like what is being offered.

Consider that when you tally up the advantages and disadvantages of “free” radio versus other audio alternatives.

Adding value is now and always shall be the best way of attracting listenership, not promoting that it’s “free.” As I pointed out in an earlier piece, people are only too happy to pay for stuff that catches their fancy.

Don’t mistake “cheap” for “good.” Your audience won’t.

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