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The NYT on Radio


New York Times is writing about radio, and not in particularly glowing terms.

As usual, however, statistics are best illustrated with extreme anecdotal evidence. Hence the collegian who says he “just sort of stopped listening” to radio. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that sound like he’s telling the reporter what he wants to hear? What do you want to bet his time with radio is down, but he still listens?

While very few folks have tuned out radio altogether, time for more choices must come from somewhere. And it’s going to come first from the industry that consumes most of it: Radio.

NYT does include a very telling graphic (left) which will come as no surprise to you.

And it’s worth noting that the age groups with the biggest declines are NOT the groups with the most satellite radios. But they ARE the groups with the most iPods and the most Internet savvy.

Think about that when you next hear the industry obsess on satellite radio. Then ask yourself who this obsession is for: The industry, the consumers – or the “Street.”

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