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“The Next Big Ad Medium”

While the title of this Business Week piece is a bit too breathless ($400 million by 2011 doesn’t scare the pants off me – yet), you can still slice through the hype to see what’s clearly on the horizon:

Increased advertising placement in and spending on podcasts, and an ever-easier process to facilitate and enable this advertising thanks to Google and others.

In fact, it could well be argued that Google’s biggest impact on radio advertising in the short run will be on the podcasting market since that market is ideally suited to the kinds of niche audiences (and I mean “niche” in terms of specialty, not necessarily in terms of small size) that Google adwords also specialize in.

With all the hubub regarding presumed threats from satellite radio and strategies to blow the dust off HD radio, we would be wise to remember that the revolution is happening online.

And podcasting is, quite literally, “radio on demand.”

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