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The NAB looks fly

Evidently the NAB has hired an “influential” research firm to tell it what it wants to hear about the Sirius/XM merger.

Credibility from an “independent” research firm where its sugar daddy has a big stake in the outcome of that “research”?

That’s like asking Diddy’s posse whether he looks fly or not.

But did you know that this same research firm did a presentation at CES in part about “How terrestrial HD plans to capture the consumer market with its marketing buzz”?

Yet this same firm was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying the following about HD vis a vis satellite radio:

“HD radio, with its half-million listeners, is hardly any competition for XM and Sirius, which have about 15 million subscribers. ‘Just because HD radio has just done a deal with Wal-Mart, it doesn’t mean there’s going to be this hugely successful rollout,’ Schaeffler said. ‘It’s got to find its place in the consumers’ mind as a viable offering.’

So HD sucks – unless it’s great.

Did I pull these facts out of context? Sure.

But research shows that context doesn’t matter when you work for Diddy.

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