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The myth of choice

“Fundamentally,” he says, “customers don’t want choice. They just want exactly what they want. Your job is to help them figure out what it is they want, because often they don’t know or can’t articulate it.”

So says B. Joseph Pine, the author of Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition.

The iPod is built on this “they want what they want model.”

The complication with the iPod and other techno-devices is the presumed difficulty of using these items compared to the ease of passive, familiar, easy, ubiquitious alternatives (i.e., radio) (talk to your parents and you’ll know what I mean).

Among younger folks in particular, however, the complication drops to zero and the “choice” really is between getting precisely what they want and getting precisely what you want.

Which do you think they’ll pick?

The value of choice in a radio world is really a myth. No matter how many multicasst options you offer.

And no matter whether those options are digital or analog.

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