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The iPod killer?

The writing is on the wall.

The cellphone and mp3 player will eventually be the same thing.

Already these devices can connect to the Internet, and soon (maybe now, for all I know) they’ll be able to connect at broadband speeds. And broadband speed means access to broadband audio streaming.

Where does that leave your radio station?

Especially if you’re hoping for an HD Radio-led salvation?


When I check out the new phones on the Nokia site, it’s evident that they are indeed capable of Wi-Fi streaming, mp3 playing, and radio recording. They can do it all. In case you didn’t notice, that means radio is a direct competitor on this device with mp3’s and the zillions of audio streams available through Microsoft Media Player.

And you were worried about your competitors down the street?

Question: When my phone can do all this, why do I need HD Radio?

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