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The Consumer group fighting the XM/Sirius merger is “supported” by…the NAB!



How embarrassing is this?

When consumers aren’t against something and you have to appear to manufacture consumer dissatisfaction, that’s not only sad it’s terrifying!

Read this almost incredible Orbitcast report on a key “consumer” group against the merger:

Corporate Crime Reporter has revealed that C3SR – the consumer group that was created to oppose the merger between XM and Sirius – is in fact supported by the NAB. Consumer Coalition For Competition In Satellite Radio (C3SR) founding member Chris Reale actually works full time at Williams Mullen Strategies – the lobbying arm of the Williams Mullen law firm – whose communications practice is headed by Julian Shepard, who just happens to be a former assistant general counsel at the NAB….”If we were out there in the media telling people who funded us, it would detract from support from different groups,” Reale said. “I didn’t think that was a wise course.”

That’s right, telling the truth would not be a wise course – in case the truth matters. And evidently, it does not.

One would hope and think that the NAB could win this battle fair and square if the battle can be won by the NAB at all.

This doesn’t mean NAB has in any way shaped the opinions or agenda of this group, of course, and it’s strictly coincidental that NAB is also “supporting” several other consumer groups that might surprise you:

– Consumers favoring Radio Industry Consolidation because spreading money around is too much trouble – Consumers favoring as many opportunities to vote on the Clear Channel sale as it takes for us to say “yes” – Consumers favoring voice-tracking, automation, and maximum personnel shrinkage, ideally during the holiday season – Consumers favoring Golden Parachutes for prematurely and involuntarily retiring radio executives

And finally:

– Consumers against the phrase “A Face for Radio”

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