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The best thing I’ve seen on a Radio Station website in a LONG time

And wouldn’t you know, it’s from KFMB in San Diego and programmer Tracy Johnson, who is easily one of the smartest guys in our business – and I don’t say that because KFMB is a client!

See for yourself:

An online version of the radio station available by subscription: No commercials, bonus downloads, lots of freebies – but only if you register and pay the price.

But wait, you might ask, how much sense does it make to rip our listeners away from the station and send them online? The answer is easy, my friends. Just grab your calculator. What’s your billing? How many listeners do you have? Divide the former by the latter and that will tell you what the dollar value of each individual listner is. Divide this by 12 months. Now you know the minimum price you need to get from these folks under the assumption that you will lose all of their on-air listening (which, of course, isn’t true).

If you can get what you want by paying your local radio station, who needs Satellite Radio?

People are always asking me to give examples of outstanding Radio websites. Look no further than KFMB’s.

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