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Stop Ignoring Reality, Radio

Here’s what I believe will happen next:

1. A gentle but noticeable decline in the effectiveness of mass media over the next 3 to 5 years. (So don’t panic if you’re an advertiser. You’ve got plenty of time to begin learning how to market with less mass media.)

2. Increasingly frantic but misdirected efforts by TV moguls, including threatening and pleading, "If advertisers quit buying our ads, we won’t have the money to create new TV shows for you." (Even though it’s the truth, do they really think this will cause us to reconsider whether or not we want to sit through long and irrelevant commercial breaks?)

3. Bickering-as-usual among US radio stations as they continue to ignore the growing influence of satellite radio, iPods, and personalized internet radio delivered through cell phone technology to the car.

4. Denial by major radio groups that there is a problem of any kind.

5. Fewer people reading local newspapers than ever before in history.6. A major crisis within traditional mass media around 2010.

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