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SPIDERMAN 2 has lessons in BUZZ for every broadcaster

There are some truly outstanding examples of buzz-building machinery now up on the official website for the upcoming movie, Spiderman 2.

Don’t know what a blog is? You’d better go to school, friends. A blog is an online diary – exactly like the one you’re reading now. It’s a great way for the morning show to reach out to the audience in a novel way – and also a way that not only extends the audience’s loyalty to the show, but also brings them back to the website and induces them to email the posts to their friends.

Result: BUZZ all around.

How are YOU encouraging listeners to write about you and spread the word? Where are YOUR blog templates with YOUR logo prominently displayed? It’s not just cool, it’s something your station should be doing for one simple reason: It spurs word-of-mouth, and word-of-mouth is the single most important way your station or any other can build audience.

Do it.

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