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Some Advice to Fans of Edgy, Unique, Entertaining Radio

CLEAR CHANNEL/SAN DIEGO Market Mgr. MIKE GLICKENHAUS makes a statement on the company’s dropping of HOWARD STERN (locally heard on CCU’s Active Rock KIOZ (ROCK 105.3):

“If you don’t like what’s going on the people that are putting us in this position are our elected officials. They are the ones making these decisions and making these calls. The FCC officials are appointed by the Congress and by the President. And, so, if you don’t like what’s going on then write your Senator, write your Congressman, talk to your elected officials, and let them know how you feel. That’s exactly what we’re doing. And that’s the way we can make some changes going forward.”

Bravo, Mike!

Here are more ways to take action.

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