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Slacker on iPhone and iPod

Just days after Slacker announced their availability on certain Blackberry models, along comes the (long awaited) announcement that they are now available on iPhone and iPod.

The service features everything you'd expect for free, including "100 expert-programmed channels" (by which they mean channels programmed by radio PD's – your employees) and the ability to create custom channels right on the device. 

The service also includes advertising, of course.  Unless you pay $4 a month to avoid it.

And here's something I didn't know until this week:  Some of Slacker's channels also come with jocks.

The app debuted in the Apple store two days ago, and already it has 100 reviews.

In my view, Slacker beats Pandora over the long haul because Slacker starts from a more "mainstream" place yet allows you to be as eclectic as you like, rather than starting from a highly eclectic place and assuming that everyone is a "music" fan rather than a "song" fan and the appetite for novelty is infinitely expanding.

They're not…and it isn't.

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