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Slacker comes to Blackberry

The beauty of Slacker is its ability to cache streaming content, meaning it doesn't burn out your battery to listen to music the way it would on your iPhone.

Slacker has lavished lots of attention on their own equipment (which anyone who understands what folks are willing to pay for will appreciate) but their biggest opportunity has always been to take their technology everywhere else but their own gadgets.

Now Slacker is available to Blackberry, thus turning tons of Blackberrys into radios, or at least radio substitutes.

This has been expected for some time, and it's not the first radio-like transformation for the Blackberry – even XM has a Blackberry app – but it is probably one of the slickest.

And it's free.

So how does this affect radio?

That depends on how you see yourself.  

Are you simply a lowest-common-denominator provider of music for folks who can't be bothered to seek out their own?  Or is there something special about you, something worth seeking out, no matter where your brand or content can be heard?

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