top of page The radio revolution arrives this summer

It's not radio, it's not satellite radio, and it's not Internet radio – it's all of the above, and it's personalized.

That's the best way to describe, the transformational new radio experience that will rock the world of radio starting this summer.

I sat down with Jonathan Sasse, marketing head of, and talked about what the service is and why it matters.

This is MUST listening if you work in radio, because it is going to change everything.

In case you're thinking requires consumers to buy a portable unit, think again. is a service, not a piece of hardware, and that service could appear on any and every mp3 player or cell phone you know, instantly turning those units into mobile, portable, personal radios.

What's more, will be releasing a satellite-powered car mount later this summer. That's right, will be in the satellite radio business competing against XM and Sirius.

What do you call a market where two satellite firms merge to compete against another firm?

You do NOT call it a monopoly.

Required listening.

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