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Should you mention “iPod” on your air? Don’t look to research for an answer.

New from Bridge Ratings:

At this point in time the 18-34 year old is only slightly aware of some form of on-air association being made between their favorite radio station and the iPod. This, coupled with the finding that listening behavior is minimally affected, suggests that there is no negative in broadcasters imaging their stations alongside the perceived listening benefits of the iPod.

Here was the question listeners were asked:

“Does the mention of iPods on your favorite radio station cause you to listen to that radio station More, Less or the Same?”

Answering this question affirmatively suggests the following about you, the respondent:

– You’re influenced by something as trivial as an on-air mention – Your behavior can be influenced, potentially against your will – You’re little more than a mindless robot, responding to messages like Pavlovian dogs to a bone

And what it does NOT – and CANNOT – ask is if on-air mentions lead you to purchase or use an iPod, naturally squeezing out some of your radio listening and causing you to listen less to your radio choices.

In other words, you look like a moron if you answer “yes,” thus you can’t ask the question that was asked here and expect a TRUE (as opposed to “honest”) answer. Truth and honesty are not the same.

Don’t be fooled.

Is it okay or not to even mention the term “iPod” on your air? I have no idea, and neither does this research. But what I do know is that if you ignore a consumer electronics item this hot you will not be doing your audience or your ratings any favors regardless of what any research will tell you.

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