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Seth Godin Seminar – and YOU can join in!

A very cool idea – for a fairly reasonable sum of $150 which can cover your whole management team!

Eavesdrop on a live seminar:

Purple Cow: Creating a Truly Remarkable Product or Service with Seth Godin

Marketing is no longer enough to sell your products. First, you need a truly remarkable product or service that will attract buyers. Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, knows how to do just that, and will tell you how in person, in this teleseminar produced by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

You’ll listen to Mr. Godin outline how to make you products remarkable by putting marketing dollars into product design rather than media, and then spreading “ideaviruses” to get the word out about your now-remarkable products. You’ll also be able to address your questions directly to him, without the usual conference expenses of airfare, hotels and meals.

More information here.

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