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Selling the effectiveness of Radio

I want Radio to prove its effectiveness as an ad medium as much as the next guy who works in this industry, but when I see stories like this I have mixed feelings.

After all, the group is called the "Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab."

And the report is called The Benefits of Synergy: Moving Money into Radio.

The problem with advertising on the whole, you see, is credibility. If we feel we’re being sold by a biased party with a biased report instead of informed by a neutral one with an even-handed report it compromises our belief in the message and, hence, its effectiveness.

If you want to prove that Radio can move products and services just prove it. Don’t hype it. If the audience – and advertisers are an audience too – doesn’t trust the messenger they certainly won’t trust the message.

Proof will speak for itself. And it will speak loudly.

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