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“Satellite” and “HD” – do they solve a listener problem?

In his fortchoming book, All Marketers are Liars, marketing guru Seth Godin has hit the nail on the head in a section called “Getting Satellite Radio to Sell.”

Part of the difficulty of selling Satellite is the name itself, argues Seth. “Satellite Radio” implies technologically better radio, but listeners don’t generally believe their current radio solution is inferior. Thus the name implies the solution to a problem people don’t have.

What is the solution? Well, hiring Howard Stern is a good start. That single action, says Seth, “breaks” radio for millions of people. And Sirius can fix what’s broken for only $10 or $12 dollars a month.

This makes me wonder about the even more egregiously titled “HD Radio.” If anything says technologically better more than “Satellite” it’s “HD.” So now you’re asking me to buy a new radio to fix a problem I didn’t have with my old one.

For many, many reasons HD Radio is a disappointment in the making. And as time goes by I’ll publish more of my thoughts on why.

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