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RIAA is once again W-R-O-N-G

From today’s All Access:

The RIAA today brought new copyright infringement lawsuits against 744 individuals on a variety of P2P platforms, including eDONKEY, LIMEWIRE, GROKSTER and KAZAA, among others. So-called “John Doe” lawsuits were filed in ATLANTA, ST. LOUIS, OAKLAND, NEW YORK, AUSTIN, COVINGTON, DENVER, TRENTON, and MADISON, while an additional 152 lawsuits were filed against “named” defendants (meaning individuals who were identified through the litigation process and then declined or ignored an RIAA proposal to settle the case).

“Just as enforcement strategies for street piracy adapt with changing circumstances, the same goes for combating piracy online,” said the RIAA Pres. CARY SHERMAN. “We are adjusting and expanding our efforts to target illegal file sharing on additional platforms like eDONKEY and others. There will always be a degree of piracy, both on the street and online. But without a strong measure of deterrence, piracy will overwhelm and choke the creation and distribution of music.”


The RIAA continues their idiotic and time-honored approach of appealing to customers by suing them. One correction, though, RIAA: Without this “strong measure” of deterrence, piracy will not choke the distribution of music, it will only impair the distribution of music in the way you prefer to distribute it. In some industries, attention is paid to giving the consumer what they want the way they want it. No doubt yours is the only exception.

Also, will someone please show me how these harsh efforts have reduced file-sharing? Because all the statistics I’ve seen show that file-sharing has INCREASED DESPITE these lunatic lawsuits.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity, something doesn’t work but you keep doing it?

When oh when will a bold radio station with a high proportion of file-sharing listeners take up this banner and fight?

That’s what I call a cause.

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