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“Random” idea looks very familiar

How come when you put all of the Radio industry’s ideas on “shuffle” you still come up with only one?

Truth be told, I kinda like this concept. I don’t know if “Fickle” is an image I as a listener wish to aspire to (in fact, I know it isn’t), but compared to a zillion significantly more bland names, this one at least pops.

However the idea that a t-shirt giveaway deserves a central position on the one and only web page for this station is a bit…well, let’s just say it’s not what I would do.

And I wonder how many people are going to conclude that this station plays “homogenized, pre-packaged, sterile music,” since that’s what the header seems to say at first glance?

And besides, exactly which three or four of the 1,000 old hits “Fickle” will be playing are anything but homogenized, pre-packaged, or sterile?

Why do some radio stations make promises that are the polar opposite of what they deliver?

And you wonder why listeners don’t believe our claims.

Likely diary entries: “Pickle” “Tickle”

Quick quiz, America: Do you even know what “Fickle” means?

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