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Radio’s “Unfair” Advantage Online

A nice article from the New York Times about radio’s awakening to the power of the Internet:

After ceding ground (and potential advertising dollars) for years to an army of autonomous Internet radio stations, some of which are run from basements and spare bedrooms, the nation’s biggest broadcasters are now marching online, determined to corral the next generation of listeners. The result may be a showdown to define the future of the medium.

But here is the key buried lead in the article, from radio’s perspective:

The bigger focus is on developing features that can be rapidly promoted using the chains’ mass and reach.

That is, Radio has an “unfair” advantage in driving its web strategy because of the massive built-in base of listeners over the air. Implementing high-demand online features can be rapidly and effectively promoted and monetized – virtually for free.

Stay tuned to this space for ways to maximize that impact and that revenue. Hint: It has less to do with strreaming and more to do with interaction and community.

It’s your future. Get used to it.

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