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Radio’s Technology Battle – Will the Poor get Poorer?

From today’s Inside Radio:

Clear Channel links with wireless web radio tech firm. With the growth of WiFi, manufacturers see a new business: Developing receivers that can play Internet audio without being connected to a computer. In a deal that will ensure its station webcasts are part of that, Clear Channel signs a deal linking with Reciva, a British firm that makes internal components for many of the biggest receiver manufacturers.

Add that to the previously announced deals between CBS and CNET and AOL.

These and other announcements lead to the following question:

As the big groups make digital deals to keep their content alive across multiple platforms, where does that leave the smaller or less sophisticated groups?

If you’re out there working for one of these groups are you reading these announcements with bemused puzzlement? Or are you seeing a trend taking shape and working to place you and your stations are on it?

What I see happening here is the separation of groups which are positioning themselves for the future – and groups which aren’t.

Trust me, you do not want to be on the wrong side of these trends. To let these opportunities slip by is to sell buggy-whips when your customers want horseless carriages.

What are you and your group doing to step up to the plate today?

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