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Radio’s “In-Car” Future?

From the Wall Street Journal in a piece about what awaits the world of mobile entertainment:

…the real message is about the future of car audio: It’s all about the connectivity, dude. Not so long ago, the key features in mobile audio were things like a six-disc CD changer — and, for certain high-end brands, the ability to play new surround-sound disc formats such as DVD Audio. But compact disc formats such as DVD Audio are yesterday’s news. The next wave has more to do with auto makers providing plugs and ports for connecting various digital-storage devices with the audio system.


And especially connectivity with your portable music-playing device which is likely to be either an mp3 player or a mobile phone which substitutes for one.

Where does this leave radio?

It leaves radio with what radio can do that an iPod can’t do (see our NAB presentation for a vivid illustration of what those radio strengths are).

It leaves radio with what’s between the songs and between the spots.

Are you ready?

Now, in a connected world, which is HD radio more like, a six-disc CD changer or an iPod?

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