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Radio’s future found here

Although it’s ostensibly about public radio (here appropriately rebranded “Public Media”), this post by the famed Doc Searls hits all the right notes for commercial and non-com radio, alike.

Read it.

Some of the themes you’ve read in this blog before.

And the rest are right, too. 🙂

One of my favorites:

Brands and reputations will matter more than ever. Familiar call letters, program names, personalities and institutions will have countless new ways to leverage their incumbent advantages, and to relate to their listeners and viewers, without both real and conceptual constraints imposed by transmitters and entailments such as “range”. What will matter most about those names and reputations, however, will not be limited to their familiarity. Instead they will be enriched or impoverished by the degrees to which they participate in a marketplace sustained by real relationships, and not just by marketing that goes by that name.

Re-read that a few times so it sinks in.

So the obvious question is, what do you own uniquely that constitutes your “brand”?

In order to have “countless new ways to leverage [your] incumbent advantages,” you need to start with the incumbent advantages.

The opportunity for radio is in content – everything but music content.

Do you think recent and pending industry restructuring will promote and foster our content-creation capabilities?

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