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Radio’s Cowards

I’m on vacation this week and, as a result, have intentionally kept off the blog.

But I just caught up with the following headline from Inside Radio, and it annoyed me so much I feel compelled to comment here:

Warning sign for radio — execs who privately say “I’ll be gone in a few years.” As in — the decisions they make are for the short-term. Not decisions that will help radio think freshly and use its cume and established brands to portage the business into the second half of this decade and beyond. No more preaching on that topic today. But we’ve heard some version of “I just want a few more good years” from a number of GMs and others lately. That’s okay for them — but they need to think about the other people in their building and the next generation of broadcasters.

This is easily the most embarrassing and humiliating sampling of comments from our industry I have ever read, and the folks who talk this way should be released from their duties so the monkey can escape their backs and crawl onto the backs of managers with a strong enough spine to handle it.

If you want a job where the future is easy to decipher then go work at a hair salon.

If you’re not up to the challenge then stand back and let the rest of us pass you by.

Wall Street doesn’t want you to run your business into the ground. They only expect you to live up to your promises.

Stop overpromising.

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