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Radio Rave must be on something

There’s so much spin here, I’m getting dizzy.

I’m all for presenting radio in the best possible light – we have many merits to proclaim.


– Presenting projected HD growth rates (without providing a context for how other media are expected to grow) – Presenting those growth rates to 2020 (which is absolutely impossible to project with the current volume of radios in circulation) – Ignoring that Satellite Radio pentration will probably be at 40 million by 2010 – Concluding that “97% of Americans have little or no interest in subscribing to satellite radio this year” (which doesn’t seem to mesh with reality, since you can’t get to 40 million by 2010 unless more than 3% of Americans tune into Satellite) – Criticizing the fall in Satellite Radio stocks (without noting the general trend in the market and for radio stocks in particular) – Noting Mercury’s own study about consumers choosing HD over iPods in a forced choice (without noting any of my limitations to the study – and without linking our website, either!)

I think there is a wonderful story to be told for radio, but twisting facts into pretzels is not the way to tell it.

Tell the story. The truth will set us all free.

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