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Radio on the iPod? Only if it’s Internet Radio

From Dave Van Dyke, in reference to my earlier post about hints that streaming Internet radio capability is coming to the iPhones and WiFi-enabled iPod Touches:

I saw this same mention of ‘iTunes radio’ in a previously published piece and asked an Apple tech about this. His response was that it was a misnomer description of the wireless capability iTunes uses to download music to iPhones. He said (with a straight face) that Apple had no immediate plans for a ‘radio-type’ function on its players because “Steve considers traditional radio to be a an old technology and he doesn’t want to ‘taint’ his cutting edge technology. How about Internet radio? “That’s a different story” my contact stated!

This might be funny if only it didn’t sound exactly like the kind of sentiment we would likely hear from Steve Jobs.

Internet radio, however, that’s “a different story.”

And speaking of which, if you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, sample some streaming radio here.

It works!

It’s courtesy of WFMU and a New Jersey-based software company called Tversity.

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