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Radio no longer controls the radio

I was reminded today that many satellite radios co-opt the terrestrial band by broadcasting the satellite signal to an available terrestrial frequency on the radio in your home or car.

And, of course, a properly equipped iPod or other mp3 player can and does do the same.

What this means, of course, is that even the channel of distribution that radio broadcasters exclusively own isn’t exclusively owned by broadcasters. Indeed, everybody today can have a pirate radio station, as long as that station can be heard only on the radio within a short range of the satellite receiver or iPod.

And what this means is that your listeners must nowadays choose between your content and their own or Sirius’s or XM’s – all on the same radios.

And that, my friends, returns us to the importance of content worth turning off the satellite radio for, content more unique than I can get on my iPod, content that beats all the alternatives.

Definitely not just the same song and dance.

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