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Radio, make MySpace YourSpace


From today’s mailbag (posted with permission):

Mark I’ve been following your blog for two years now and thought I’d throw something your way. I’m on Power Hits 97-5, a CHR in Manhattan, Kansas, and our listeners live on MySpace. Within the last couple of months, I’ve moved our content to MySpace in addition to our traditional broadcast and my blog at It was the best move I’ve made for the show. MySpace gives listeners an easy way to “tell a friend” about the show. Sure, listeners can be viral, but how often is a radio show the first thing they talk about when they show up at work or school? When you force it on their “friends,” you have found an unbelievable avenue to lure new listeners to your station. We have hundreds of clips, our best content at [my myspace URL] through a unique MP3 player. I give our code so listeners can embed that player on their MySpace site. When someone visits their site, they have no choice but to sample our show. It’s an unbelievable promotional tool, and I haven’t seen any other show take advantage of it to the extent we have. And we aren’t even in the top 200 markets. Why aren’t more shows taking advantage of this unbelievable marketing opportunity? I spend a half hour each day on my blog and MySpace, and every day it pays off tenfold.

You said it, Matt.

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