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Radio in need of “American Idol”ization

Just another promotion, right?

Dead wrong.

This isn’t the first such audience participation program the TODAY show has launched, but it’s yet another example of something usually sorely missing from Radio: large-scale promotional events that require and reward the input of listeners. In a very real sense, the audience creates the programming. Thus, they have a stake in it. And so, they have much more interest in it. And that translates to more viewership or, in our case, listenership.

Viewers pick the wedding location, the rings, the dress, etc.

Each step is another chapter in a compelling story that you, the viewer, help write. Thus, like all good stories, you never know how it’s going to turn out. That creates suspense and sustains interest. It is, in a very real sense, the “American Idolization” of the TODAY show.

For the wedding location vote alone, nearly 200,000 cast their opinions on the TODAY website.

What are you doing to “American Idol”ize YOUR station?

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