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Radio After Arbitron

Here's a presentation I created and delivered to a corporate meeting of NRG Media's Managers in April, 2008.

Mark Ramsey - Hear 2.0 - Hear 2.0

What are the trends shaping radio’s future? Where does Arbitron fit in – and where doesn’t it fit in? And how can we exploit our opportunities while we still have them? It’s all here in this presentation.

Mary Quass, Chuck DuCoty, and Jeff Winfield of NRG have graciously allowed me to share the audio with you.

I will not be posting the slides because they don't convey the material without the audio. And with audio, their bandwidth isn't worth their incremental value.

So let the pictures grow in your mind – just like radio.

The central point, that Arbitron will be less important in a crowded new media universe, leads to another point: That radio's future in that same universe is ours to realize or ours to squander.

The presentation is about 35 minutes long. Enjoy it. I really hope you get something out of it.

And, as an added incentive, tune in and discover what Arbitron has in common with this man:

For the record, I’m exaggerating about the “After Arbitron” part.

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