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Putting all your Stern eggs in Adam Carolla’s basket?

I like Adam Carolla.

I really do.

And apparently Comedy Central does, too.

And so does TLC.

And, of course, so does Infinity Broadcasting (allegedly).

So the scuttlebutt is that Adam will be one replacement for Howard Stern. And it’s fine if Adam isn’t jumping for joy at the prospect. But there’s a line between being modestly self-deprecating and being downright stand-offish, and Adam seems to be quite a bit less enthusiastic about the prospect of replacing Stern than Sammy Hagar was about replacing David Lee Roth (speaking of potential Stern replacements).

It’s only the biggest and best job in radio, Adam. If you don’t want it, don’t take it.

Nowadays, Adam is busy. He’s got a new show on Comedy Central and another one on TLC.

Meanwhile he had this to say about his Stern prospects to the LA Times:

“It’s hard to say when it will start,” Carolla said after taping his late-night show recently at Hollywood Center Studios. “I’m not being evasive; I really have no idea. Right now, I hope it’s later rather than sooner.

One gets the distinct impression that the hugest job in Radio is on par with a trip to the dentist.

Now on one hand mass exposure for a potential Morning host is exactly what you want for your soon-to-be new show. But on the other hand how much can one guy do before he burns out – or restructures his priorities towards the the brighter spotlights of TV and away from the grind of a daily Radio show? It seems to me that if I can finagle two shows on cable simultaneously then a network gig can’t be that far from my grasp.

Meanwhile, here we sit. Four months before Howard sails into the Satellite sunset. With no clear sense of what’s next or when. Or even if the heir apparent wants the job.

If there’s a deal to be done, please get it done now. Make the announcement now. Start the big buildup to launch now. The audience deserves it. Adam’s dance is getting tiresome.

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