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Proof that packaging matters


How else to explain a $20 bottle of water?

…in a world where people will pay upwards of $3 for coffee that’s 79 cents at most convenience stores around here, many still scoff at America’s burgeoning bottled water market. Maybe they’re fine with paying the soda-comparative price of Coca-Cola’s Dasani or PepsiCo’s Aquafina, but they may have a problem with the genre’s growing quirks: water marketed as “structured—Penta, whose creator claims it hydrates “16.7 times faster than other bottled waters”; “oxygen-infused”—OGO, a Madonna “fav” with “35 times” more oxygen than other waters; or purposefully pretentious—ultra-premium, $20+ “Bling Water,” created by a Hollywood writer-producer.

How much effort do you put into your packaging?

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