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ProFlowers shows the way to perfect advertising accountability


You’re looking at the top of the website for

Note the microphone on the left.

When you click on that, you go to a screen which asks you to name the password you heard on your local radio station during the ProFlowers spot.

And when you enter that password you go directly to the site.

Needless to say, this allows ProFlowers to monitor the effectiveness and track the source of their radio advertising. This is the kind of perfect accountability we will be seeing much more of in the future. And as broadcasters we should embrace it. Because if an advertiser can see with their own eyes, ears, and cash registers that their buy on your station is working, who needs ratings?

Furthermore, this kind of data should be shared with the radio station so they can fine-tune their appeals to maximize their impact.

No more vague “we have a 4 share” double-talk.

Perfect accountability.

Enter the future, Radio.

And while you’re at it, work out the kinks.

I heard the clue “K-Rock” aired this morning on the Howard Stern show…

…on a station in San Diego that was NOT K-Rock.

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