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Profits are made where stars shine

The Guardian is a newspaper.

Ricky Gervais is a British TV and Radio comedy star.

The Guardian is sponsoring (or, more likely, selling sponsorship to) 12 30-minute episodes of an exclusive straight-to-podcast show featuring Gervais and two others – and you can only get it from the Guardian.

The first ep debuts on Monday, and I’m guessing that you can download it for free – but it will include advertising.

Audio advertising.

In other words, the kind radio sells.

In still other words, this is the newspaper getting into the radio business without the messy annoyance of buying a station to do it.

Where is the U.S. radio broadcaster that produces a show like this – fully sponsored – and free – with a major entertainment talent at the helm?

Do we want the newspapers to beat us to it?

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