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Presenting: Radio’s Future

Find out why one is at risk for the radio industry and the other is not.

And find out what to do about it.

All at Mercury’s standing-room-only event at this year’s NAB in Dallas:

Radio’s Future: What Is and What’s Next?

– September 20, 2006 – 9:00 – 10:15AM – At the NAB Radio Show, Hilton Anatole, Dallas, TX

Among the issues to be addressed:

– Which radio listeners are at-risk? – What do they want that we’re not giving them? – Where is HD Radio on the audience radar? – How should we sell HD Radio? – In an industry-level “Perceptual” study pitting radio against iPods, Satellite, Internet, etc., what industry level images does radio own? And where are we weak? – How satisfied are listeners with radio, compared to competing media? – How can radio best compete in the years to come? – And who the heck are “Greg” and “Marsha”?

Don’t miss it!

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