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Presenting: Radio’s Future

Meet “Greg” and “Marsha.”

Find out why one is at risk for the radio industry and the other is not.

And find out what to do about it.

All at Mercury’s standing-room-only event at this year’s NAB in Dallas:

– September 20, 2006 – 9:00 – 10:15AM – At the NAB Radio Show, Hilton Anatole, Dallas, TX

Among the issues to be addressed:

– Which radio listeners are at-risk? – What do they want that we’re not giving them? – Where is HD Radio on the audience radar? – How should we sell HD Radio? – In an industry-level “Perceptual” study pitting radio against iPods, Satellite, Internet, etc., what industry level images does radio own? And where are we weak? – How satisfied are listeners with radio, compared to competing media? – How can radio best compete in the years to come? – And who the heck are “Greg” and “Marsha”?

Don’t miss it!

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