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Podcasting takes the Hollywood PR machine by storm

I’ve already written about the Paris Hiton podcast, an incredibly smart publicity tool for the upcoming movie House of Wax.

But I missed this article from the Hollywood Reporter which indicates that Hollywood is very much aware of the wisdom of publicizing their wares via podcasting and the Hilton affair only scratches the surface. Check out this quotation:

“We are doing this because it is a unique opportunity to reach our target audience, obviously,” Buckley said. “The MP3 player market is on its way to 100 million players, and they are primarily in the hands of 18- to 34-year-olds. The irresistible celebrity of Paris Hilton and Joel Silver’s ‘House of Wax’ together seemed an ideal combination.”

Hear that, Radio? It’s the sound of Hollywood understanding what you don’t. And it’s all there out in the open for you to see.

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