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Podcasting peaks 45+? Call me “Doubting Thomas”

According to this article, more than 1 out of 5 persons age 45 and over have listened to podcasts.

That’s greater than listenership among 15-24’s, according to this study.

This result strikes me as well beyond believable.

Not just that older folks are more apt to listen to podcasts than their sons and daughters, but that 1 in 5 listen in the first place!

The source of the is this article posted in a tech publication. When I trace the link to the source, pollster CLX, I find that it’s a company specializing in text message polls.

Nowhere on their site – even in the press release section – do they mention a study on podcasting. Thus there’s no way to know what methodology was used. But based on their specialty it’s clearly implied that this was an opt-in text message poll that they’re reporting. And that is hardly – HARDLY – representative of anything as sweeping as what’s stated in the two publications (of many) that are reporting the results.

When it comes to research results, always check your source. Unless and until CLX provides more information on this study, it looks like bunk to me.

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