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Podcasting made my flight go faster

I just got off a long flight and while en route, I listened to (among other things) some podcasts. Rarely do I do listen to long podcasts because my drive-time is too short, not to mention my attention span.

Still, I was surprised at how effective Ebert & Roeper was without a picture. That must explain why they’re one of the top downloads on iTunes. That and the fact that they’re a known brand with a short show (only 20 minutes) full of information that interests me.

If you haven’t made the dive to podcasting yet or aren’t sure you should put your programming out there for free because then why oh why will anyone listen to your station for it, you should read this. It’s not new but it’s still timely. The more you give something away, say Creating Customer Evangelists authors McConnell and Huba, the more it’s worth.

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